Calling all Financial Consultants – Experienced Sales Professionals

It is the time of year when professionals assess their successes and challenges with their job and map out the next step in their careers. The 4QT is a logical time to see what is out in the job market. The best way to assess current market conditions when you are currently employed is to work with an Executive Search firm like mARTo consulting – specialists in financial sales recruitment. We represent bank programs, wire houses and independent channels.

As 2014 winds down, we see a high demand for a variety of financial sales professionals. Each of our clients have different sweet spots/road maps for success. It is so important for you to know what your strengths and interests are, so we can assess and calibrate a match for the program that will allow you to shine. As the New Year starts, it is a great time for you to tip toe around and see what superior opportunities await you in 2015. Matching a good logical opportunity as the market swings into high gear will improve your pay check and also strengthen your skill set for your career path.

Lastly, over the last 5 years an unsettling phenomenon has occurred which is frustrating to candidates – I call it the “resume black hole.” Candidates apply to jobs and never hear back with good or bad news from anyone thus the resume lands in a black hole.

So, if you are a fully licensed sales person looking to improve your situation, send us a resume and one of our recruiters will either call you directly or reach out to you directly via email. We want to hear your reason for upgrading to a new job and what you are looking for so we can place you in a great situation.

We offer one-on-one real time conversations about real life opportunities. We are not afraid to have real conversations that will help uncover real opportunities for our candidates. Let’s talk directly about your goals now – before the New Year. Send your resume in confidence and I guarantee you will talk to a professional recruiter who understand the financial sales market place. Thank you and I look forward to hearing your story.

Martin McDermott


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